Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Tales from Computer Science

I was under the impression that this "studying" activity required highlighters or a lot of time. Clearly I'll have to figure this out before the first exam. I don't feel like I can just walk into the exam like I used to. I feel like I should be doing something more.

Turns out that finally the TA appeared in his office hours. This is the TA who used to work for a company owned by a guy I went to grad school with. Eventually we sorted things out. He hadn't looked at the problems before, so upon first glance he wasn't sure how to do them. Fortunately, I had brought with me the answers that I had printed off the internet (the textbook co-author's web page is a great source for such things -- if you know how to search). After thinking about the solution a few minutes, he expanded on and clarified the answer. He even sent me a follow-up email. All is well with computer science, and I should have plenty of time to think about the answer and to type up my solution (albeit heavily based on the work of others -- which is fine, according to the class rules, as long as the sources are cited).

I would never complain to the professor. He has no time to deal with whining. Heck, I didn't say a word when they passed around a sign-in sheet that had a complete class list, student ID numbers, and grades on all of the homeworks so far. (Welcome to the FERPA-free zone.)

Today in class the professor announced that we've learned everything that we need to know for the exam next week. Thursday will be review. Maybe I won't have to figure out tihs whole "studying" thing afterall.