Thursday, February 28, 2008

TA Scorecard

  1. The TA who never gave me the scores from Exam 1? First one to send me the updated scores after Exam 2. I'm still waiting on grades from two TAs. The exam was given on the 20th. They handed it back in class on the 26th.

  2. The politically savvy TA? Despite having a teaching philosophy very different from mine is doing things my way and following all directions.

  3. The clueless TA? I gave the TAs spreadsheets with columns like Q1, Q2, ..., Q8 and T1, T2, T3, T4. We have eight quizzes and four tests. This TA puts scores in seemingly arbitrary columns with no regard to whether they are tests or quizzes.

  4. The defiant TA? I emailed all the TAs a pdf of a sheet that I wanted them to staple to all exam papers that were lower than a C. This sheet had information about the Math Help Lab and a list of concrete suggestions for students to improve their performance in the class. This TA decided not to give this sheet to the low-scoring students.

  5. Student Scorecard: I'm probably going to waste way too much time today rewriting my Perl program for generating grade reports for the students. Some TAs have three quizzes and others have four quizzes in the spreadsheets they sent me. This means that I'll have to recalculate averages out of the correct number of points possible depending on which section a student is in.