Friday, February 08, 2008

You're Screwed

Today was a light teaching day, and because of the upcoming exam in the CS class I'm taking, I wasn't spending my entire morning working on CS homework. Instead I got back to work on my project to write something in perl that will take my gradebook as a .csv and then output the LaTeX source of individualized grade reports.

Got it working for my regular-sized class (35 students). With the Calculus Circus, it's more complicated because in order to save paper, I want to put four students on a page and then cut the reports on the paper-cutter. But when doing that I want to make sure that each page only has students from one section (same TA). So I need to keep track of how many students have been done from the section so far, and if it's not congruent to 0 mod 4, I need to put extra whitespace to get onto the next page. With a 35-student class, though, I feel free to devote one page to each student.

Right now it tells them their letter grade and their points earned (out of points possible). It also calculates for them the number of points that they need to earn on the rest of the assessments in order to get each letter grade. If you can't do better than a certain grade it stops there. As of right now there are a few of them where it is mathematically impossible for them to get better than a B. Ouch.

I'd like to get it working for the calculus class this weekend. Then I'll run the program knowing full well that I'm missing all the grades from the TA who hasn't given them to me yet. He'll have to explain to his students why everyone else got meaningful grade reports but his section got ones that said "no grades on record."