Sunday, March 30, 2008

Changing Gears and Making a List

I'm home from the conference.

Nothing has gotten done on the laundry front. I'm hoping that the weather shifts enough so that I can wear warm-weather clothes because they are all that is clean. I need more than one list. Tasks that need doing at home, like the laundry paying the bills, need their own list. My completely irresponsible way of dealing with money* is catching up to me, so getting the bills paid properly may take some effort. Someone needs to do something about the mess that accumulated while I was gone.

And then there are the ideas that I got at the conference that can be farmed out to my independent study student. Things that are a bit out there or things that require specialized knowledge that he has. On top of that are the ideas from the conference that I'm going to learn more about by teaching to my class instead of the things that I'm supposed to be teaching. That's the great thing about the gen-ed class (and that I've already done the evaluation forms). I can show up and teach anything mathematical. I'll pay them off by giving them extra homework points for humoring me.

Next there are the ideas from the conference that I need to follow up on for my own work. I know exactly which book has the germ of an idea that can be sufficiently modified to be something great. And finally, the ideas that I'd been meaning to work on but then forgot about until being at the conference reminded me of a general-audience book that I read when I was 14 and got me all excited about cool ideas.

Oh, and then there were the knitting and sewing projects that really deserve someone to work on them. What I need right now is the second coming of spring break.

*I have a system by which I never keep records or pay attention to how much money is in my checking account. This system doesn't work quite as well since I spent my fairly large buffer of cash** on the first payment to the contractor.

**Yes, I keep way too much cash in my non-interest-paying checking account. Interest rates are low, so even if I kept it in something less unreasonable, it's not like it would be making more money.***

***No, I shouldn't invest it. Everything I buy goes down. Next time I plan on investing, I'll tell you all what I'm buying, and you can short it and get rich. I did mention that I bought some Vanguard Index 500 last year in the late spring, early summer (right before that pesky tumble)?