Friday, March 07, 2008

Half Week, Double Trouble

  1. I'm already stressed out about next week, the opening of spring break.

  2. I know I need to be super-productive this weekend in order to have half a chance of making it through the week.

  3. In addition to the sleep-deprivation caused by the change to Daylight Stealing Time (DST), I also need to drop the car off at the dealership (15-20 miles away) at 7:30am on Monday morning. Since I live very near campus, this is extra-inconvenient for me. Especially since I have a firm commitment on campus that starts at 9am.

  4. People never got back to me with information that I'm supposed to give to the Dean by Monday.

  5. I have crap to do, non-stop on Monday from 9am - 5pm. Back-to-back meetings, teaching, etc. No time to do actual work.

  6. I need to write an exam and a review sheet. How tempted am I to make those one and the same? Everybody wins!

  7. I also need to make new PPT slides for Wednesday. I'm thinking of declaring Wednesday "orphan slide day" in which all the sildes that we never got to because we ran out of time come back. Maybe I'll call it "mixed practice and review" day.

  8. Oh, and then there's my computer science homework. As I currently have about a 97% average in computer science, it's not that my grade couldn't deal with my slacking on an assignment. But I like to do my best at things. And I don't like to get behind. If only I could figure out how I could be sure that the exponent must be a natural number*, I'd be done with one more problem. And I don't really have time to get help because of my jam-packed Monday and the homework being due Tuesday.

  9. At some point I need to pack for my trip. But first I need to do laundry.

*I have an unsatisfying post hoc argument that because after you expand everything out there are an integral number of symbols that the exponent had to have been an integer. And yet, I doubt it.