Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Appeal to the Internet for Its Decision-Making Prowess

Instead of blogging or doing work, I have been playing video games, learning how to play poker, and drinking.

Last night at poker, I had all the wrong incentives. For me it was far more interesting to just play somewhat randomly and to see what would happen than to actually try to win real money. It was a $20 buy-in and bets were in multiples of 50 cents, which is entirely trivial as money goes. Especially since in my absence a large team of construction workers has descended upon my house* started working on a project that will probably turn out to be the 2nd most expensive good/service that I've ever purchased. (The house itself cost more than the current renovation; the estimate is more than the full retail price of my car.)

Appealing to the wisdom of crowds, I now ask the internet an important question: After the workers are done replacing everything that is rotton and scraping off the old paint (if you don't test it, then you can't know whether or not it's lead paint), the house will, obviously, need to be painted. It's a crafstman bungalow, believed to be built in the early 1920s. What color should I paint it? The estimate I got is for three colors: body of the house, and two colors for trim.

These are views of the north side of the house in the afternoon, so the light isn't the best. However, of all the photos taken for me, I think that these two best show the overall architectural details -- as opposed to close-ups of especially woeful looking spots.

*Yes, I did end up hiring the contractor whose daughter was in my class in the fall.