Monday, March 24, 2008

Instant Lesson Plan

  1. Welcome back! Did you have a good break? How about that basketball tournament!

  2. Movie on Friday!

  3. Those end of term course evaluation sheets appeared in my mailbox today. There's no rules about when to give them. Is the course likely to get any better? No. I'll have the students fill them out near the beginning of class.

  4. After they've filled out the evaluations, I'll hand back the exam. And the little forms that tell them how many points they need to earn for each letter grade. News flash: When you do badly on the first three exams, you can't get an A no matter how well you do for the rest of the semester.

  5. Of course I'll need to go over the exam.

  6. Then I'll hand out the assignment sheet for the rest of the semester and talk, in detail, about the remaining tasks. I'll say a lot about the paper.

  7. Looks like we don't have time to start on section 5.1. Be sure you've read the chapter by Wednesday!