Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Southern California Adventures

Saturday featured a mildly disappointing shopping trip to a part of L.A. with a profusion of Japanese merchandise. However, since I'm in a phase in which I'm trying to stop accumulating non-essential stuff, none of it caught my attention strongly enough to get me to buy it. Yes, I could have bought a bizarre t-shirt, but they seemed strangely proportioned -- the t-shirts were longer than I prefer. Went to an Asian grocery store where I saw all sorts of ingredients of the sort that made me say, "Oh, I used to cook with this all the time when I used to cook," but I didn't buy any of them because I don't cook anymore. I don't even remember what else I used to put on the sandwich that I made with enoki mushrooms. Something green?

This was followed by a late lunch with a friend's boss and his college-aged daughter. I think that they wanted me to tell them that mathematics is a booming market and that recruiters are beating down the door of the math department hoping to hire our graduates. However, that's not what I've been seeing.

Most of the early evening was devoted to a longer dinner with one of my former coworkers.

Today brings brunch and unclear plans for the afternoon. I've revised down my hopes of getting work done while here. My new ambition is to keep up with deleting all the spam that arrives in my work email account and possibly making a list of things to do.