Thursday, April 03, 2008

Digital Nomad

Did I tell you that my painter is like the Soup Nazi? When I was first planning the job the contractor warned me that the painter is a bit particular but he does the best paint job in town.

The reason that the paint job is so good is because of his many, many rules. He made me drive him around the neighborhood so that he could show me other houses that he'd painted and the colors on them. He issued me a color fandex and strict rules on how to pick colors that go together. Upon describing the rules, he showed me how to apply them with an example: "If you choose this color, and I hope you don't, but if you did..."

After several iterations, he finally approved my colors and started painting.

Yesterday I got home to discover no cable. No TV, no internet. The cable connection was in the painter's way, so he had Comcast take it off. He won't let them put it back on for a week because he won't let them put a ladder against the house until the paint has cured.

Good thing my phone has internet. Otherwise, you will find me at work, at Panera, or other places that have free wi-fi.