Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dispatches from my Students

  1. A calculus student wanted me to leave the online quiz open another day because he hadn't been able to log on for the past two days because of site maintenance on the online site. It is true that the site was down from 6am - 7am on one day. I wrote back saying that I had been able to get on to the site that morning (after the maintenance) and asked whether the student called tech support. The student wrote back saying that he was able to use it the day before and that morning, but couldn't get on right then to finish off the quiz. He also said that tech support said that the server was down. I was still able to connect.

  2. At 5:30pm on Friday, an email from a student who is asking permission for extra absences because he will be missing all of next week because he's taking a class in how to be a camp counselor and has to spend all of next week at camp.

  3. For the extra credit assignment, someone merely copied and pasted from the wikipedia. The directions were very specific about the one web page that the students were supposed to use. It wasn't wikipedia.