Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes It's Not Just the Students

  1. Colleague forwards me an email from a student claiming that his Spanish exam is at the same time as his math exam. Colleague asks, somewhat oddly, "Please advise which exam should take precedence." As I know that the registrar's office schedules all the final exams (except for night classes) in non-overlapping ways, I check the exam schedule. Colleague told the students the wrong time for the math exam. There is no conflict.

  2. Someone quit the committee for choosing the calculus book. For reasons that made me (privately) roll my eyes.

  3. I had to change the topic when the committee started to debate whether the calculus book should talk about f(x + h) or f(x + ∆x) and whether it's better for a book to favor Newton or Liebniz notation for derivatives. As if this question of notation was a serious issue that needed to be considered in deciding whether books made it past the first cut. Yet, these same notation quibblers seemed to overlook the fact that their favorite text would sometimes break out the Dxy.

  4. Other people are creating their own drama and making their own lives hard. Man up and stop whining.

  5. Still others keep talking about finding new jobs but never do it.