Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still More Tales from Computer Science

  1. Old news: didn't get the top score on the second exam. Fortunately I was beat by a student who I think deserves it. :)

  2. Sort of sad that class is cancelled today, as I thought that this was going to be a day when the professor's travel schedule would have him in town. When the TAs teach class, it's about as informative as reading the book -- in fact, the only thing it has as an advantage over reading the book for 75 minutes is the information about which sections of the chapter should be covered.

  3. Sometimes I suspect that I could teach the class better than the TAs. While yes, they seem to have seen the material before and I haven't, I do have experience teaching things that I've never, ever seen before.

  4. Yesterday in the hallway of the math building I ran into an undergrad who took multivariable calculus from The Topologist (and who I met when I subbed) and who I also knew because we sat near each other when I was sitting in on a class a few years back. He told me that he had originally planned on being the TA for the CS course, but the department wouldn't let him, so now he's the TA for a graduate course. Smart kid. Needs to decide this week which excellent research university he's going to pick for graduate school.

  5. In fact, this undergrad is one of the people who helped me decide to take this course -- I was thinking about it, and back in the fall I ran into him at the grocery store and asked him if it would be a good class, and he said it would be.

  6. This week's problems are delightful little puzzles. If you see me taking notes in a meeting, you should double-check to see if my paper is not covered with arcane scribbles with lots of zeros and ones.