Monday, May 05, 2008

Final Exam, Round 2

  1. Today the gen-ed class had their final exam.

  2. We had one interloper. A calculus student who called on Friday claiming to be too sick to take the exam with the rest of the class.

  3. She complained bitterly that the gen-ed class got notecards, formula sheets, etc. She didn't realize that they didn't have the extra-credit opportunities that the calculus class did nor did they get points for participation (which the calculus students did).

  4. She also complained that the make-up came from a different class. We all use the same syllabus and assign the same homework problems. The exam that I picked was representative of the material I covered. Actually, I used pages from two different exams. The problems on the make-up were very similar to the problems on the original exam.

  5. Missing: Blair Waldorf and Death. I'm going to wait for them to contact me because I'm not ready to search out any new drama.

  6. The calculus exam drags on: Coordinating the logistics for the TAs to grade, bizarre missives from students in my inbox, etc. I've decided that every few days I'm going to email the class with an update on the grading in order to pre-empt those annoying emails that ask when the grades will be posted. They'll be posted when we're done grading. Back in my day we didn't get our grades for weeks.

  7. I'm on a 24-hour grading hiatus while I sort out administrative crap (we've discovered a new way in which the university has shot itself in the foot with its registration system) and preparing for the CS final tomorrow. Grades aren't due for many, many days.