Friday, May 23, 2008

Help, I am Chained to Keynote, Send Distractions

Now that the house is cleaned, the car is washed, supplies purchased for my summer job, mildly work-related books purchased, and Homeless Relative's computer opened up to search for obvious problems (if Apple didn't want it to be opened, they wouldn't have included a how-to diagram under the battery), I am back to work making calculus slides for the fall.

The whole is to balance the laziness of recycling as many slides as possible and putting in the effort to make the slide shows fresh and coherent.

I leave for MIT in the middle of June, so I have a few weeks to get these under control. My fall is going to be pretty busy, so I want to have the calculus slides ready before I skip town.

Maybe I'll take another break and read another book. Maybe I need to go to Target and buy a new shower curtain.