Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maybe I'd Rather Deal with Students

Why is Homeless Relative in town?
  1. Because he broke the PCMCIA slot on the TiBook by forgetting that you eject the card by pushing the button, not yanking on the card and is now acting all innocent "the wireless card isn't working" and hoping to magically be restored to having a laptop with working wi-fi.
  2. Because he forgot the PIN to his ATM card and didn't want to be stranded in the city where he lives without access to his money. (He is now on Social Security, so Uncle Sam has finally stepped up to help out with this problem. You break it, you buy it.)
  3. To store more crap in my basement.
  4. All of the above.
I am hiding as much as possible. I'm burying myself in my work. Since we've switched calculus books, we've switched some of the coverage, so I need to rework my Keynotes (PPTs) and my worksheets. All my TAs will be first-year TAs this fall, so I'm making the course more structured. I also need to give a presentation on Monday to some group on campus that has something to do with the new freshmen orientation sessions this summer. Unclear to me whether the group is made up of grad students who will be working as academic advisors during orientation or undergraduates who will be serving roughly as camp counselors.

Things that I am ignoring (in addition to Homeless Relative): The laundry emergency and the ant farm in the dishwasher.