Monday, May 05, 2008

The Plot Thickens

A student from my calculus class sent me an email so peculiar and demanding that the only thing that I can think of to say in response is, "Are you the only child of divorced parents?"

Instead I will wait a few hours to come up with a more diplomatic and academic response. Also rejected: You should be so lucky if the worst that happens to you because of this is that you fail calculus. Similarly: Hell, no.

In other, unrelated, news I saw a bat today in the parking garage. My apologies for the really lousy photograph. For one, Image Capture insists on importing all my iPhone's pictures in landscape mode -- even when they're taken in portrait mode. (Translation: turn your head sideways.) Additionally, I was standing a ways back from it, so you can't really see the bat that well. My thought process went like this: If I were sleeping in the parking garage, would I want a bat to wake me up by trying to take my picture with its cell phone camera?