Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recent Arrivals in My Inbox

  1. A scan of the solutions to an assignment from the Calculus Circus. I think it was due in January. Student claims that the score never got recorded, so I asked to see his paper. I don't see a grade on the paper. Or any marks at all indicating it was graded. Is he really claiming that he handed the paper in on time, got it back ungraded, and is only now trying to remedy the situation?

  2. A forwarded job advertisement for a job that I can not believe that I am even the least bit qualified for (writing software for a hedge fund).

  3. A formal memo asking to borrow some of my teaching manipulatives. If there were a textbook on memo-writing this would be one of the contrived worked out examples in the book.

  4. Panicked emails from eighty-bazillion students who have recently been informed that the math department will be enforcing pre-reqs this fall and that if they plan to take calculus in the fall that they better either have sufficient placement scores or take precalc over the summer.