Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things Happen in Threes

There's a student who has been making a fuss on and off for the past year. It all started off when the student came to my office complaining that Professor Cauchy didn't give enough partial credit on a particular problem. It continued with the student insisting that Professor Cauchy was the source of all the student's problems with math and claiming that if only the student were in a section taught by someone -- anyone -- else that there would not be these problems.

I sort of doubted that, as when I asked the student "Who did you have the last time you took this course?" the student lied to me and said, "I've never taken this course before." I knew that wasn't true based on the way the student's schedule was coded in our archaic registration system. The previous attempt was with one of the best teachers in the department.

This morning when I was looking through the class rolls for summer, I noticed that this student is trying math once more. Apparently, this student has signed up for the section taught by Professor Asperger. We shall see how that works out.