Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Help, I am Trapped in a Planned Community in Virginia

It's been a busy couple of days. Dealt with a crisis of the parking variety, yesterday I learned that MIT can't give me a parking permit until July 7, and I will be arriving, well, tomorrow. Emailed just about everyone I know in Massachusetts for advice. Found a day-by-day parking space sublet until the 6th and also got in touch with some friends-of-friends who have Cambridge visitor permits (good for three days). So now I have a plan and a back-up plan.

Also had to take a bird (live, but injured) away from one of the next-door cats. Brought it to the wildlife clinic at the vet hospital. I will never see the next door cats again because they are moving to another state in a few days.

And then there was packing.

Now I am in this creepy planned community in Virginia where the main drag is highly efficient because there are no stores or businesses along it, and most of the access is controlled by exits (yet, there are some crossings at grade). When you turn off onto the side streets, you can find little shopping plazas with a nearby cluster of condos or townhomes. One of the shopping plazas I stumbled upon was laid out like a faux downtown.

The hotel tonight has free internet! Yay! I should be able to use the internet when I get to MIT because Apple replaced my computer in January, so my MAC address has never been registered on the MIT wireless network, so they should be happy to grant me my (up to) 10 days of wireless access until I learn the conference code. (If you look me up in the MIT directory, I'm listed as "MIT affiliate" which means that I don't get as much access people who work and study there for real. Thus: the need for the conference code.)

Back on the road tomorrow early. And then the fun really begins.