Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Takes Me a While, But Things Eventually Get Done

At this very moment, two workers are blowing cellulose* insulation into my attic.

I bought the house in September 2003. The only insulation was a pathetic bit of rock wool snuggled among the ceiling joists. The house was built in, roughly, 1920-ish.

What did it take for me to make this happen? One phone call, writing one check (for $890), and now waiting around while they do it. Not hard. We shall see if this does anything about the stupid heating bills in the winter (sometimes $400 a month to keep the house at 66-68 in the south).

*Nice name for "newspaper." (Note: I don't need to hear any theories about what type of insulation is best/worst, as this is often a lively topic of discussion among my neighbors.)