Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Local Gas-Saving Tips

I still remember when right-on-red came to New York State as a way to save gas. (Or maybe I just think I remember?)

Now with gas prices through the roof, people in my neighborhood are starting to think outside the box and are using some great tricks to squeeze every mpg out of their cars and trucks.
  1. Don't stop at stop signs. The stop sign is the new yield sign.
  2. Left on red. Works just like the right on red, only you turn left instead.
  3. Straight on red. Again, just like the right on red and the left on red. The red light is the new stop sign.
  4. Lane efficiency maximization. Stuck in traffic on a two-way street? Westbound traffic is stopped? Maybe because someone is naive enough to wait for a light to turn green? If the eastbound lanes are empty, you can use those to drive west!