Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Mac Whisperer

The Topologist needed me to help him figure out how to get his Nokia n800 to connect to the internet through an Airport Extreme Base Station; the two devices were not on speaking terms at all. I made minimal progress by changing the security from WPA to WPA2: the Nokia could connect to the router, but it couldn't actually load web pages or do anything useful.

I asked why he was so interested in the Nokia all of a sudden. He explained the situation. This morning his MacBook started revving its fans on maximum, so he shut it down. After letting it cool off a bit, he tried to turn it back on, and it wouldn't turn on.

I pressed the power button on the MacBook. It booted. I suggested that he should back up everything.

Note to self: I should call Apple and get AppleCare on my MacBook.