Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mostly Unrelated Notes on Recent Things

  1. The 5.7% budget cut that my campus is facing is a cut in the base budget (budget for recurring things). The state claims that this money may never come back and that they plan to cut more next year. Most currently vacant positions are being used to temporarily pay the costs of the slashed department until it is dismantled. The university claims that they will find places for the tenured faculty. I can think of one department in the College of Everything Else where some of them might fit -- maybe.

  2. I'm not that excited by Twitter. I'll stick with it as a courtesy to the friend that asked me to sign up. I like the simplicity of the idea. However, there's no good way for me to connect with people that I know via the Twitter. Also no good way to meet new people who are worth knowing.

  3. My other take on Twitter: It's like a dating site for small businesses. Inspired entrepreneur seeks confident investers. Charming freelancer seeks blossoming start-up. Most of the tweets are about people talking about the Exciting and Important things that they are accomplishing in their professional lives. (What are you doing? Busy day! Fulfilling all these orders from clients and about to meet about a new partnership!)

  4. And then there is the Twitter-spam. Self-promoters have software (please tell me that they have software that does this for them and that they don't waste the time doing this all by hand) following everyone they can find to bring attention to themselves and whatever they're pushing.

  5. Starting to work on projects for my job at MIT this summer. Bought a CharlieCard online because last year I never managed to track down a plastic one.

  6. My packing list grows and grows; soon I will need to start to prune it. Much of the stuff is little (highlighters, Sharpie markers, scissors), but some of it is non-negotiable (computer monitor -- I've been spoiled by 1680 x 1050 and I can't go back to 1280 x 800).

  7. What real estate crisis? The house next door sold -- by owner -- in about a week. She was asking about twice what she paid for it 11 years ago.