Monday, June 09, 2008

Three Notes on Reproductions

  1. I'm trying to anticipate documents that will need to be created for my summer job. In order to print at MIT, I have to walk to the Athena cluster.* To make copies, I have to walk to the CopyTech in the basement of building 11. I'm trying to do as much xeroxing as possible before I leave because it saves So Much Time.

  2. Robin's nest in the dogwood tree by my porch. I think that the eggs should hatch right about the time I'm leaving for Cambridge.

  3. Lisa had her baby. I suppose I should send a card or something. I'm much more excited about the baby dinosaurs birds.

*Also, woe is me, I haven't figured out how to mount my Athena directory directly on the Desktop, so in order to print anything I have to go through the step of SFTP-ing it to Athena. At least I have discovered acroread, as before I was also using pdf2ps and then lpr-ing everything.