Monday, June 30, 2008

Time Flies When You're Going Mad

I didn't realize that it had been several days since I'd posted to the blog. Things here are somewhat crazy. And, I must say, that it does not help one's sense of time to follow several 20-hour work days by staying out drinking until past 4am. But now I have had a chance to sober up and get some sleep, and I'm ready to face the work and take on a multitude of challenges. Since I've been forgetting to eat, it only took two martinis to get me completely wasted. (I neglect to mention the spiked melon. It's fruit! It's good for you!)

Today I had dinner with some absolutely brilliant and amazing people. I realized that while I might be doing a lot of work over the summer, they all work harder than me all the time. If I worked that hard, I might be much more successful. However, I don't have the intellectual stamina to work that hard.

And so I return to my dull tasks that are within my skill set. Returning email, balancing the cash box, scheduling talks.