Monday, June 23, 2008

What Happens Instead of Blogging Around Here

I spent the entire weekend negotiating the arrival logistics of about 80 people from all over the world. They all needed to be met at the airport (well, some drove), signed in, and given schedules of what they're doing. And, of course, most of them have never been to MIT before, so they're a bit put off by people saying things like, "You need to go to 2."

Today I finally got enough time to deal with the pile of taxi receipts and to start putting the expenses in the spreadsheet. People were getting antsy on Sunday that I had not yet reimbursed them for their taxi fare from Saturday. They also came into the office on Sunday afteroon and complained to me that the MIT gym would not let them sign up for summer access and what was I going to do about it (on Sunday afternoon).

Some of our folks from other countries are now coming to complain to me that their phones are running out of charge and that they can't charge them because the electricity is different in the US than where they're from. They went to Radio Shack to buy an adapter but it was $40 and they didn't want to pay that (and what was I going to do about it).

We've already had someone lose their TechCash card.

In a fit of avoidance I didn't call the home office today. The big boss is flying to Africa tomorrow, so I figure I'll call then and get things done without risking getting talked into some sort crazy scheme.