Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Passes for News Between Semesters

  1. Homeless Relative needs his Differential Equations textbook, so he is showing up at my house tomorrow morning to pick his extra copy up from my basement. Did he really spend $40 in gas to get a used textbook? Yes, it appears so. He's also looking for a complex analysis textbook, as someone stole his copy of Churchill and Brown.

  2. Had an unpleasant medical test today. Everyone expects it to come back normal, but it's the sort of thing that if she didn't do the test and if something stupid happens later, then I might be able to sue her.

  3. The thyroid panel came back normal. This is good because normal is good. Yet, it's disappointing as there is a certain appeal in having something to blame for my various minor and annoying problems. These are the sorts of minor and annoying problems that I would just bitch to friends and relatives about if I didn't have health insurance. But since I do have health insurance, I complain to my doctor who tries to find causes and solutions.

  4. I'm not sure what I think about my doctor mentioning that she sees me frequently at the Bad Bakery (which is true, as they have plenty of tables and free wi-fi). She must have a lot of patients, and I'm not particularly sickly -- probably averages out to somewhere between one and two visits a year.

  5. In my role as Queen of Complaints in the math department I'm dealing with someone else's student. Some instructors try to buy their students' docility by making empty promises that everything will be OK in the end. The student bought in to the claim and is is now disappointed. Recent revelation: this student is also an alumnus of the Calculus Circus.

  6. I need to find some way for the students in the Calculus Circus to discover that I am the Queen of Complaints. Once they find out that my job extends past merely yapping about the derivative and also includes deciding grade appeals and placement overrides, they are much more impressed.

  7. Things that don't quite balance out: Recently I've been walking downtown to get ice cream. Unfortunately, it's only an hour walk round trip, which probably maxes out at burning 200 calories. The ice cream place probably serves up close to 600 calories worth of ice cream.