Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greetings from New Hampshire

I have about one bar of wi-fi at the motel.

My major accomplishments of today:
  1. Getting 95 people on the buses on time for a 8:00 departure. (Sorry number theorists, I said 7:20 even though I knew that we were leaving at 8:00 because I knew that people would be late.)
  2. Getting everyone back on the bus at 4:30pm after they distributed themselves all over Mt. Washington for a day of hiking.
  3. Proofread over 30 pages of spreadsheet.
We'll see how well it goes tomorrow morning when I have to get everyone back on the bus at 8:10am. And tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm (After the beach! Whose stupid idea was it to go to the beach!?).