Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Tech Insanity from the Campus IT People

Recently I received the following inscrutible email from the IT folks on campus:
You have received this note because you have an active account on the SIMS (Webmail) e-mail system operated by IT. You are probably using Webmail, but you could be using another e-mail client, such as Thunderbird, Eudora, or Outlook.

If you do not migrate to Exchange, you will need to make and complete your own plans regarding information in the old SIMS by October 8. Don't forget to change your e-mail routing entry in LDAP (the identity authentication directory) to get e-mail addressed to your account sent to the address you are using.

After your migration to Exchange is complete, your email address will point to Exchange. Any e-mail sent from the Exchange system to another Exchange account stays within Exchange and does not use the e-mail routing entry in LDAP to determine the address. This means that if you have an Exchange e-mail account and an outside e-mail account, you will have to check both or set a forwarding rule within Exchange.

Isn't the point of spending a lot of money on a shiny new email system to keep the users from having to deal with this sort of crap? Wouldn't it have been easier to strike a deal with Google and get gmail for everyone. As a user with zero interest in IT, all I want is for my email to work. I want to use to send and receive mail. And I'd like to be able to use our campus smtp when I'm not on campus. I don't want to think about migration, LDAP, or anything else.

Since I appear to have until October, I am ignoring this for now.