Monday, July 14, 2008

My Day with the Big Boss

I'm pretty sure that everyone came back from NH ok on the bus. There was a small debate about the count (did we have n or n-1). If we did leave anyone behind, it has to be someone very anti-social and without a cell phone.

Today the Big Boss from the Home Office is flying in to survey the scene and dispense wisdom. We'll also have a group photograph taken and all the other stuff. Before that, though, I need to meet with one of her researchers about some sort of ambitious grant proposal. I'm pretty sure that the Big Boss wants me to work on this grant even though: 1. I've never studied the main topic it covers. 2. I've never studied any of the techniques (like statistics or databases) that are necessary to complete the project. 3. I'm really, really busy.

So I'm doing what anyone would do in this situation. I'm re-dying my fading purple highlights. Unfortunately, I'm probably going to end up with purple splotches on my skin, and soap doesn't seem to be that good at cleaning up this dye.

I'm also afraid that the Big Boss is going to offer me a full-time job that pays worse than my current job -- but that requires me to relocate to somewhere with a higher cost of living.