Friday, July 04, 2008

My Days with Interstate 90 (Toll edition)

I'm back in Cambridge, MA after my whirlwind visit to Schenectady (really I mean Niskayuna, but there's a chance that you may have heard of Schenectady). Since it rained last night, I didn't get a chance to walk past Chad's house to see how well his ex-garage blends in to the front of his house. My mom will report back with details.

Still disturbing: My parents made me stay in my brother's room! They took my room away!

Traffic on the Mass Pike was nearly non-existent. Traffic in Boston was also nearly non-existent. This was a good thing because I kept getting in fights with the GPS. When I arrived in Boston, it told me to turn on roads that didn't really seem like roads. Eventually I found Mass Ave, and all was good.

The GPS also lied to me on my way to Schenectady. But if you aren't from the area, you wouldn't understand. In short, it told me to take I-87 north, and then when I did, it got angry. (I think that what it meant was I-90, but it said I-87.) Then, as I was following I-87 north, it told me to take the Adirondack Northway, which I thought I was doing. I followed the sign for Montreal and the Albany Airport, and the GPS got angry again. Afraid of hurting its feelings, I let it send me down Central Ave. in Colonie, even though I suspect that Troy Road would have been faster (fewer lights). Upon hearing this tale, my dad told me that I should have taken some crazy shortcut by SUNYA and avoided some bridge toll. He seems to forget that while I did live in Schenectady for almost 18 years that I only had a drivers license for less than two months of that time, and I have no idea how to find anything other than malls (and I take the surface streets to Crossgates).

Another sign of inflation: the money that my parents gave me for coming to visit them didn't cover gas and tolls!

Right now I'm being an anti-social recluse and avoiding the hoopla across the river. I'm thinking that I might head up to a high floor of this building later tonight and see if I can watch some of the fireworks from indoors.