Thursday, July 31, 2008

Once Again My Busy Life Eats My Blog

And the thing is that it's not like things are busy in a way that's worth blogging about. Things are finishing up today and tomorrow, so I spent yesterday dealing with the logistics and arrangements. I dealt with the schedule of 80 ten-minute talks (with five minutes for questions). I made sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be. And I dealt with CopyTech.

I had the programs copied at CopyTech. I dealt with the pushy guy at CopyTech who refused to copy my paper originals insisting that he needed to print out 250 copies of the file. Now, this is the postscript file that comes from the crazy TeX code (from running dvips on the .dvi file because we are old-school that way and pdflatex almost certainly doesn't work with the code, and the make file warns me not to use ps2pdf on the output), so I gave him the ps file, and it printed in the wrong order, requiring 10 minutes of fussing with it and comparing the output to my precious paper original that was the only correct version I'd ever seen. Then the pushy CopyTech guy also insisted that instead of just folding the programs that I also needed to have them stapled in the middle. Grrr... I hate the pushy CopyTech guy. Today I was back at CopyTech picking up three boxes of 150-page, bound booklets of what we've been up to all summer, and the CopyTech staff fiercely guarded their hand cart. We reached a nice compromise where they met me with my stuff outside of 39. But still. Grrr, CopyTech.

Instead of attending talks I sat in the reception area and mingled with people worth knowing. I ran into someone who I meant to work on research project with this summer (but I was too busy to do anything noteworthy). A guy came from Australia to see these talks! I also talked to my boss's boss who says that I can come back again next summer and work here again! Yay for persistent summer work! (Boo for how little they pay me, though.) Someone supposedly flew up from DoD, but I didn't see her (because I was at CopyTech).

Tomorrow is more talks, still more talks (come see us in 32-123 at 2pm!), the closing banquet, and then the mad rush to get everyone the hell out of here by Saturday at 2pm. Good times, folks, good times. I once heard a rumor that my boss's boss's first job wasn't something math-sciencey but rather in something along the lines of event planning and wedding planning. I can see how such a background would have served her well.

And I had coffee with caffeine (only half-caf) for the first time in about a year.