Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things Have Gotten a Bit Busy

  1. First off, I lost most of Sunday because Saturday night I was out at a party until 4am, and either I drank too much or who knows what, but I spent most of Sunday sulking in bed with a pillow over my head, emerging from time to time to drink more water.

  2. It was a really awesome party. It was so awesome that it made me sad because when I'm at home I never get to hang out with people who are that cool. So rarely do I get to meet that many people who are the complete opposite of boring. Makes me embarrassed to live my quasi-suburban existence. Probably for most of the people there, this was normal for them because they are super-cool people who do amazing things all the time.

  3. Today I am dealing with TeX code that is so inscrutible and fucked that I am leaving snarky voicemails with the maintainer of the code instead of trying to fix it. At one point I was in the SIPB office borrowing their scissors because it was easier to move things on the page by cutting them out and taping them in new places instead of dealing with the code. I think that the SIPB guy wanted me to ask him for computer help, but I knew better than to let anyone touch the code.

  4. The code looks something like this:
    \catcode`! 11 \catcode`@ 11
    \overfullrule 0pt
    \def\!min#1#2{\ifnum#1<#2 \!e#1\else\!e#2\fi}
    \def\!max#1#2{\ifnum#1>#2 \!e#1\else\!e#2\fi}

    \catcode`, 13

    It goes on like this for pages, mostly uncommented. There appears to be no actual content. The mind boggles.

  5. I've been camped out in W20-575d most of the day. I may need to find someone to take over my spot soon so that I can grab lunch.

  6. Tomorrow will be filled with stupid errands and panicked trips to CopyTech. Just a few more days of this and then I head home.