Saturday, July 19, 2008

Unanswered Questions from my Summer Job

  1. What's with the background music in LaVerde's?

  2. Why am I having to deal with an epidemic of lost door cards and lost keys all of a sudden? In my entire life, I've never lost my keys to an extent that I didn't locate them within an hour.

  3. Why are all the little things I need to do taking up so much time?

  4. Was I serious about thinking that I'd get real work done on the side?

  5. Is the non-profit that co-sponsors this program really serious about their Heifer International-style catalog? Do they really think that someone's heart will be warmed by the idea of sponsoring $3500 in T-passes? Naming rights to a lecture series for $50,000? $500 worth of laser pointers? Um...

  6. I wonder who my boss expects to answer the phone over the weekend. Phone-answering on weekends is not part of my job description.