Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where Do My Days Go

I typed a memo. I answered the phone. I made copies.

Yes, today I played at being a glorified receptionist.

Oh, and I took a nap.

Next up, I need to go to MIT a/v to pick up an overhead projector at the request from a professor from down the street who is giving a talk tonight. Does anyone outside of math still use overhead projectors? Doesn't matter, as it is my job to cater to the whims of people who are much smarter and more accomplished than myself.

This is assuming that I avoid getting hit by lightning on my way to my car.

If it weren't for that pesky nap, I'd consider blogging about the unbloggable things at work and talking about my co-workers (I'm not sure which of them read this). However, I'm no longer so sleep deprived to be completely lacking in judgement. Yet, it could still happen. This weekend I was talking to a lawyer at the party at I was at, and I joked about my workplace being the hang-out for people with Asperger's syndrome -- in the presence of someone from work who almost certainly has Asperger's syndrome. (He is also much smarter and more accomplished than myself and doesn't seem like the type to take offense, fortunately.)

This just in: My email inbox just dinged with a question. The Home Office sent me a form (about which I know nothing) and some instructions on what to do with it and asked me to forward the form and the instructions to the staff. I did so. Someone just asked me about the instructions instead of either improvising or else asking the Home Office.

Maybe I need another nap. Unfortunately, I do need to get things sorted out with MIT a/v.