Saturday, August 02, 2008

Conversations with Coworkers

One of the part-time staff stopped by last night. He mentioned to me that he knew a secret (nothing scandalous) about my boss and that he had confirmed it with my boss.

Me: So you didn't hear it from [the boss]?
Him: No, I heard it from someone else. But I can't reveal my sources.
Me: From the staff-member who can't keep a secret to save his life?
Him: Who do you mean by that?
Me: Who do you think!?
Him: He can keep a secret! I know of several secrets that he's keeping... Although, since he told me, you may have a point...

Five more hours until things die down. Then I get started on the packing up and shutting down of this operation. At some point I have to work "sleeping" and "drinking" and "driving 1000 miles" into the equation. I'm thinking I'm probably not getting home until Wednesday.