Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Greetings from South of the Mason-Dixon Line

Yesterday I drove my boss to near where he lives in Virginia. This involved much getting lost because he was navigating from memory, and his memory was wrong. He also developed some sort of bad relationship with my GPS, so he would lie to her, and she would lie to us, and we ended up in places that we didn't intend to be (most of them in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, I think). I am making a new rule for anyone who wants to go on a road trip with me: You can not get in the car until you show me a printout of the route from Google maps and a destination street address to put into the GPS.

Last night after dropping him off I drove for a while longer after dark in hopes of actually making it home today. The ionosphere was in such a condition that I was able to listen to 81 WGY. I never listen to that station except when I'm driving far from Schenectady.