Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Believe the Word I'm Looking for is "Dork"

So, yes, I think I'm probably the biggest dork ever.

Here it is a Saturday morning, and I'm kind of excited about going in to my office and doing stuff all day. I have two tasks scheduled.

One, I need to continue updating the placement data for our classes. As we are being very serious about placement and prereqs, I am tracking the records of thousands of students. On Sunday I'm going to download new class lists from the registration system, run my placement-checking program, and give all the instructors new lists of the students who don't meet the prereq.

And the other, wihch I think makes me a super-dork, is to work on my computer science homework. The assignment that is due Friday is now on the web. We have "lab time" on Monday to work on it with the help of the TAs. But, since I am not quite as well-prepared as most people in the class (well, I'm assuming this, but with the way that the registration system works, someone who got a Ds and Fs in all the prereq courses could sign up and be just as clueless as me), I am going to work on the problem all weekend so that when I show up on Monday I will have already answered my own stupid questions.

Lucky for me, it seems like a nifty problem. Maybe I should say "If it were the me-of-the-past taking this class, I should hope that all the problems are this nifty." Back in the day, as an undergrad, when I took computer science classes, I only put reasonable amounts of work into programming assignments that had some sort of "puzzle" nature to them. Things where you had to figure out what you wanted to ask the computer to do and how you wanted to ask it how to do that (as opposed to merely translating pseudocode into code). But now that I am a grown-up, we will hope that I am over this phase and that I will dutifully do as I am told.