Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Will Need Another Excuse to Throw a Party

Yesterday the FedEx truck stopped by and dropped off 45 copies of my book.

Were this event better located in time and space, I'd consider inviting my coauthor over and throwing a book-signing party and giving copies out to all our friends.

Unfortunately, my coauthor is currently in Canberra. And most of our friends are places that are not-here. Plus I'm freaking out about the start of school (soon!).

Unrelatedly, my celebrity grows: As I continue to enforce placement, I get email from more and more interesting people. Today brought an email from someone pretty high up in the athletic department. Since the student hadn't taken the placement exam, there wasn't much to say other than that the student needs to take the placement exam before taking calculus. Doesn't the NCAA like it when student-athletes pass the classes that they enroll in?