Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Summer Job Comes to an End

Subtitle: Vacations are for sissies.

Nearly everyone is gone. We have four of the regular (contractor) staff members left. Three of us are leaving fairly early tomorrow morning, and the fourth is leaving Tuesday morning. We have two of our (unpaid) student workers around, but they're both MIT students, so they would be around anyway.

I just have to finish packing, put everything in the car, and go. I need to carry out some business-hours errands, so I'll leave tomorrow morning. I'll possibly be home Tuesday. I'll definitely be home Wednesday. Then I'll have nearly two weeks to get everything in shape for the fall semester. I have meetings to organize, three classes to plan, and assorted other crap. Plus I need to get myself used to dealing with the boring people who make up the majority of the population back home.

Speaking of the difference between here and there, last night when I was out at a party I met a radiologist who works at MGH, and I mentioned that I keep radiology images on my iPhone. (This was, obviously, a different radiologist than the one who I showed my films to in May.) He asked me why I'm interested in radiology, and I mentioned the (mathematical) research questions about CT that interest me. It turns out that he works with people who are researching similar questions, but from a more radiology point of view. He gave me his card, so I'm supposed to email him so that I can possibly get involved in this radiology research project.

Nothing says "beginning of the semester" like overload + taking a class + new research project.

I can't decide whether my soon-to-be-ex-workplace is populated by the biggest group of gossips ever or if my favorite coworker reads my blog*. Since I'm quite the gossip myself, I probably should think twice before talking about the people I work with. (I still think that you can't keep a secret; however, I'll happily consider it a pleasant surprise if you don't tell mine.)

*If he does, it's probably with a feedreader because I don't see any IP addresses from this building. :P