Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not How I Communicate with My Family

I don't know my next door neighbors at all. My old neighbor moved out a few days after I left for MIT and the new people moved in some time when I was gone. I think I've seen the guy a few times in passing. Haven't spoken to him yet. As he is a developer (owns many properties in the area) and they own another house elsewhere around here, they don't really live next door. Good, in terms of things being quiet. Not so good if the house next door turns into rental property occupied by my calculus students.

Outside the back door is a concrete area. The sort of place where you'd put your bbq grill or a few lawn chairs.

And, my apologies for not taking a photograph of this. I don't really want my first conversation with my new neighbor to be about why I'm taking a picture of his back porch area to post on my blog.

Today I saw spray-painted on that concrete area, in 12" tall letters, the following message: "Honey, I borrowed our car."