Friday, August 15, 2008

Sexist Comment of the Day

OK, this was really the sexist comment of yesterday. Sorry about that.

Yesterday at lunch we were talking about the alleged move of the math department while the math building is getting a multi-year gut-and-remodel. The plans for the diaspora have the math department split between two buildings, The Temple and The Snake (which are right next door to each other). (You need to view this as an adventure, you see.) The Snake features the sort of "can't get there from here" architecture that puts Simmons Hall to shame. Plus, no elevator. Awesome.

I've mentioned Professor Unger* before, right? It's not unusual to see him trudging along with a neck brace and a walker. He wears sunglasses inside because merely being in the same room as a white board will give him an eye infection. Of everyone in the math department, he is the most up on the ADA. Even more so than the guy who fought in the Korean War (and who is none too nimble) or the guy whose health problems have gotten so bad that his retirement is specifically mentioned as a goal in the math department's strategic plan.

So what was Professor Unger's thought about the department being split across two buildings? He wondered which one was safer because the women should have offices in there. Unfortunately, the conversation moved on before I could make any sort of comment in response. He's probably in more danger from attackers than I am. Personally, perceived safety is one of the last things I worry about in an office. Decent size, reasonable climate control, close to places I want to go -- those all matter way more.

*He also blames all of his computer problems on Homeland Security. One of his coauthors is in Iran; therefore, homeland security is messing with his copy of TeX. It couldn't be so simple as Windows being tempermental? Nah.