Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things That Are Awesome

  1. You know our retro registration system?
    If you want to find out what math grades a student has received, you put in the student number and the discipline number for math. If the student has taken math classes, then they'll show up. If the student hasn't the system will say that it has no records to display. What if you forget to put in the discipline code? Then the system will pick the first discipline (alphabetical list) that the student has taken courses in and show that. So if you leave out the code, you'll find out about Accounting or Anthropology or somesuch. Awesome.

  2. I teach with the Clickers. The clicker folks recently updated their software to version 1.50. All spring I was using 1.35 without a hitch, but they promised New and Better features in 1.50. So I upgraded, and my clicker receiver could not be recognized by the software at all. Nothing. I called tech support, and they blamed me for having a Mac laptop. Underpowered USB, blah blah blah. Bad USB cable, blah blah blah. I reinstalled the driver. I tried swapping out the cable with the one from my graphing calculator. Still nothing. The tech support guy was claiming that my Mac wasn't seeing the box which is why the software couldn't talk to it; he was wrong, as I could read all the specs of the receiver box from USB Prober. I tried installing CPS 1.50 on the iMac desktop in my office -- this computer was a CPS virgin, so my having had old versions on the laptop would not have been a problem here. Nothing. Same exact problem. Would not recognize the receiver at all. Completely non functional. I re-tried all the trouble-shooting suggestions. As the kids these days say, epic fail. I wiped the CPS 1.50 off my laptop and downgraded to 1.35. Working again. Based on my understanding of the scientific method, I'm thinking that it's the shiny new software that DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Have you guys heard of "testing the software before releasing it"? Awesome.

  3. Some of my colleagues. Equally awesome.