Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The math department got an email from a student claming that the registration system mysteriously dropped her from her math class and could she please be added back (but maybe to a different section that meets at a better time)?

Despite all its flaws, the registration system logs EVERY SINGLE ACTION taken. (My own log is the system probably has hundreds of thousands of entries, as every time you pick a menu or go back to the previous menu, that's logged.) It pretty clearly shows that someone using her student ID logged on to the web client and withdrew with a W and then tried to add the better-time section. When that failed, the user tried to add the original section. When that failed, the user tried again for the better-time section. Minutes later, an email was fired off to the math department about the mysterious problem with the registration system.

I'm thinking of accusing her of lying and then letting her panic about whether or not we'll let her add back in. We will, probably, do it (but not the better-time section).