Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Want a Do-Over on My Long Weekend

Not much to report from around here. A bunch of loafing around. Wrote a calculus exam and a review sheet. Moved around slides for the calculus powerpoints. (Aside: I need something akin to iPhoto but for Keynote slides. Something where you can organize your slides into virtual carousels but also have the entire library of slides. Maybe where you could tag them all.)

The mailserver was crashed for most of the weekend which was both good and bad. Good in that I didn't need to deal with all the complaining calculus students. Bad in that they were getting more and more anxious about things that don't matter in the big picture. The freshmen are so overwhelmed by everything, but, really, they need to start reading things. And by "things" I mean "the syllabus." All the PPT slides -- even the ones from the first day when I went over the syllabus -- are on freakin' Blackboard. Whatever it is that I put on the syllabus and said in class is the way that things are going to be.

The calculus students are angry that I gave them a review sheet and didn't give them the answers. The review sheet is pretty much exactly the same as the exam. Get over it. Or maybe you don't want a review sheet next time?

The highlight of the weekend was that I bought the September ("back to school") issue of Vogue. Only time of the year that I buy that magazine. I'm now inspired to throw away my clothes that are cheap and age-inappropriate.

But now I am back in my office and ready to get back to work on my computer science homework. Life would be so good if I knew how to turn an integer into a C++ string (like how to turn 11 into "11"). (I've already asked the compiler what it thinks of itoa(); it laughed.)