Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-Week Status

  1. Wrote the calculus exam for next week. Submitted it to the departmental calculus overlords.

  2. Listened to a student's tale of woe. Pretty woeful, I must say. Suggested that the student get things sorted out and then come back and worry about math class.

  3. One of my calculus students looks very familiar. I don't think he's a repeat customer (why why why if you failed calculus with me would you take it with me again?). I think I met him at a party. I think.

  4. Got only halfway through my lesson plan this morning. This means that I've already prepped part of the next class!

  5. Have not made any of the phone calls that I need to make.

  6. Told parents who called to complain that they should have their kid call me. Kid hasn't called yet. Maybe he would have been in touch if I'd suggested that he text me from class.

  7. Leaving out the \lim_{\Delta x \to 0} part of a definition of the derivative problem so totally deserves points off. I don't want to hear any bullshit about how in high school only the answer mattered and if the answer was right, then none of the work mattered. For one, I don't believe you. Second, this isn't high school.

  8. The homework still refuses to grade itself.

  9. I need to write more about my computer science class. But I don't feel like it now.

  10. Plan for the rest of the day: Teach homework how to grade itself, go to the gym, watch ANTM.