Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phone Calls I Need to Make

Can't do any of them today because of the whole "business hours" thing
  1. Salon. Color has faded and grown out to the point of near-disaster.

  2. Eye doctor. Can I keep wearing glasses that are nearly 10 years old? Sunglasses that I bought for $1 at the craft store? No.

  3. Dentist. Appointment for this October conflicts with class.

  4. Regular doctor. Did the miracle drug she had me taking for almost two weeks back in June really give me nearly three months without headaches in addition to solving my other problems? Do I need more of the miracle drug (as the headache I've had since Thursday suggests that its alleged headache-banishing power has faded)? Can it also fend off the need for a "procedure"?

  5. AppleCare. Still need to get AppleCare on the replacement laptop. Apple's quality control SUCKS. Everyone with Apple hardware that costs more than an iPod Shuffle should give serious thought to buying AppleCare. Unless you're looking for an excuse to upgrade on your own dime when the logic board kicks the bucket.