Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scenes from my Glamorous and Exciting Life

  1. This morning I stared at the computer screen contemplating a nested tangle of maps, vectors, arrays, and pointers about four layers deep. My program doesn't compile because where I'm supposed to put two things into an array, I am instead trying to put one thing into a vector. I need figure out which of my two things I have, and I need to find the pointer to the other.

  2. On Friday I left the folder full of homework in my office. By the time I realized this yesterday, I couldn't go to campus because they were holding a gladiator match (with alligator wrestling!) in the campus coliseum. I made my way over there today and sat on the patio at the bad bakery and graded the whole stack. FINALLY.

  3. Still haven't typed up notes for teaching my students about RSA. I mentioned RSA as a reason why we might care about prime numbers, and my students were all over it, so we're detouring through RSA. Hrm, I should email them and tell them to bring their laptops on Monday because we can use google calculator to do modular arithmetic.

  4. Got my hair colored and cut on Friday. Still have purple highlights. Last time my hairdresser cut the front asymmetrically (longer on my right side than my left). This time she also cut the back asymmetrically (hard to describe, also hard for me to photograph). Ended up costing me $125. I never could have afforded to be this edgy before I had a real job.