Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things Fall Into Place

  1. I have tamed the data structures, and my program now scores 100/100 on the gradescript. I just need to get it to play nice with memory.

  2. At one point my program is a little bit awkward. The TA said something along the lines of Sure, it works on these files, but what if you were working with a file with 10,000 lines. And my first thought was "10,000 is a very small number." When I used to work for the federal government, my programs would tend to begin something like for (i = 0; i < 1<<56; i++). I just used to let the damn things run and deal with the output whenever they finished -- whether it was after lunch or after a few days.

  3. My inbox. Also mostly under control. Five messages. Two work-related. Two party invitations. One (from July!) that bridges the gap between work and social.

  4. Tomorrow the calculus students have an exam. It's on how to take derivatives by using the basic rules of differentiation. Anyone who does badly on the exam is totally screwed. If you can't differentiate well-chosen rational functions, can you imagine what's going to happen once we hit max-min? Integrals?

  5. I am opposed to many things, and today I'm trying hard to live my principles. I am opposed to people lugging ginormous backpacks to class. I think that today all I'm going to bring to cs class are my sunglasses and hat (for the walk over) and my keys (so I can get back into my office on my way back). I'm not going to bring anything else.