Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes, I Realize My Style Doesn't Discourage People from Talking to Me

  1. Perhaps one of the most negative people in the math department always has something negative to say about what I'm wearing. Mostly complaining that I'm too dressed up.

  2. About a week ago, I was walking back to the math building after my CS class, and some random woman comes up and starts talking to me.

    Her: Are you Jenna?
    Me: Excuse me?
    Her: Oh, you look like someone I know. Jenna. Her dad teaches in the philosophy department.
    Me: Nope.
    Her: [Starts going on about my purple hair, my outfit, how she had to clean up and start dressing normal because she's trying to become a school counselor, wondering what sort of clubs I party at (!?!?!?), etc.]

  3. Today I couldn't be bothered to dress up, so I was wearing my favorite cargo skirt and a black t-shirt -- the staff t-shirt from my summer job. I was at the fancy grocery store and some guy comes up to me and asks, "Is that TeX on the back of your shirt?" I'm like, yeah. So he asks if I work at the university or at "the lab." I admit to working at the university and go back to shopping.